Kind words about Carrie.

Throughout this past year, I have had the opportunity to work with Carrie in order to further my learning with the Lucy Calkins writing curriculum. This learning experience has been incredibly beneficial for both the teachers and the students, and it truly allows all of who are involved to be lifelong learners. Carrie creates an environment where you feel comfortable to share your thoughts and ideas and ask questions. Carrie also gives feedback in a way that is positive, yet still allows you to grow as an educator. She listens to your concerns and values your opinions, but still wants to continue to push you out of your comfort zone in order to be the best educator for your students. Carrie is an excellent teacher, mentor, and friend and is willing to go above and beyond wherever and however she can, in order to best support the teachers, as well as the students in the classroom. Thank you, Carrie, for all that you do!
Sarah N.
First Grade Teacher
Carrie's commitment to excellence emanates from a desire to generally connect with and guide others on their journey of discovery and growth. Carrie's passion for her work is inspirational. I have gained knowledge of Lucy Calkins through my experiences and coaching from Carrie. These experiences have resulted in changes that have impacted my approach to teaching Phonics, Reading, and Writing. Carrie knows just what to say and how to say it so that it is meaningful to me as a teacher.
Katie K.
K5 teacher
Carrie has been a pivotal and integral part of our literacy program (reading, writing, phonics, and grammar) development and implementation over the last five years. From Reading and Writing Workshop 101, to a Deep Dive into a Mini-Lesson, to the Glamour of Grammar, to Small Group Instruction, to Calibration of Benchmarking, Carrie's knowledge base and experiences are deep and authentic. She's assisted us with pacing guides, book rooms, and classroom libraries. She's provided embedded coaching in the classroom to our teachers on a monthly basis. Most importantly, though, she's built positive, trusting relationships with each of our teachers, to the point where they are comfortable to reach out on their own to gather Carrie's perspective on a particular unit, teaching point, or assessment. Our teachers (and principals!) look forward to the days that Carrie comes and to our days together over the summer. Carrie is honest, genuine, organized, and a hard worker. Our District and our teachers have grown in practice because of Carrie. We would not be where we are without her!
Sandy K.
Director of Instruction
Carrie was invaluable as a literacy coach. I returned to teaching after several years away. Her knowledge of current literacy topics and patient guidance gave me the confidence I needed to implement a program that was brand new to me. She was always supportive and encouraging while giving honest feedback. She listened to our concerns and helped problem solve when necessary. She has become an important part of our team, and I always look forward to the days I get to work with her.
Katie D.
4th grade teacher
Carrie is a joy to work with and has a wealth of knowledge and experience! Every time she comes into my classroom, there is something new I learn or an idea she suggests, which improves my teaching and helps me better reach my students.
Sara C.
5th grade teacher
Our school adopted Lucy Calkins' Reading and Writing Workshop curriculum several years ago. Carrie's expertise in this area was crucial to our success with this program. She helped with its implementation, parent meetings, and professional development with our teachers. As a veteran teacher, change becomes more challenging. Carrie was there to help me become proficient and confident in making this change to a new ELA curriculum. Years later, Carrie continues to offer her support.
Linda M.
5th Grade Teacher
Carrie is such a positive role model for me as well as for my second graders. They would look so forward to her visits and gentle suggestions. Carrie made us feel like we could do and accomplish anything. I really enjoyed the conferences that we would have together after I taught a lesson or she did. We would talk about what worked and what was a work in progress. I never felt overwhelmed. Carrie would make suggestions for attainable goals. I absolutely love her easy going attitude and I’m looking forward to working with her in the future.
Anita B.
Second Grade Teacher
I have been teaching for many years (25 to be exact). I have taught K3, K4, K5, and 2nd grade. I am currently teaching second grade. I have always had a passion to instill a love of learning in my students. I have taught writing but never like this year. Carrie inspired me to have a passion and a love for teaching writing!
Carrie is an exceptional literacy coach that I have had the pleasure of working with for several years. She brings her literacy expertise of curriculum and coaching alive into the classroom. I have grown so much as an educator working with Carrie and my students have also greatly benefited!
5th Grade Teacher

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