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Carrie Sgarlata

Carrie Sgarlata has been an educator for 28 years with a Masters Degree in Educational Technology and has her reading license. She has been a leader in literacy in the Wauwatosa, Elmbrook, Oconomowoc and Glendale River Hills School Districts.  Carrie has educated learners from kindergarten through graduate school. Many of her years were spent in the classroom teaching elementary students in fourth and fifth grade as well as delivering early reading intervention to first grade students. 

In addition, Carrie is specially trained in early literacy intervention.  She has served as literacy coach and independent literacy consultant for the last ten years helping administrators and teachers understand and implement best practices around all things literacy.  Carrie provides professional development to small and large groups as well as in classroom coaching providing impactful, on the spot learning for all.  Carrie is highly trained in reading and writing workshop and is passionate about growing readers and writers that are engaged.  

Carrie regularly attends teaching and coaching institutes in New York at Columbia University’s Teachers College, to keep current on the most recent information regarding growing readers and writers. 

Make life-changing learning a reality for all students teachers parents

Beliefs & Core Values

What Carrie Believes.

"“Growing Together Around Literacy - because we are ALL always learning. Learning is social so when done together, it is more impactful.”

Carrie Sgarlata

Lifelong learning.  Carrie believes all kids can learn and that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong journey.  Growing readers and writers is one of the most important responsibilities a teacher has.

Individuality.  Providing kids the opportunity to have choice and voice in what they read and write fosters a deeper sense of authentic engagement and true independence.  Carrie creates learning environments where the dignity, worth and complexity of each person is honored.

Growth.  Using the latest research regarding best practice.  Carrie grows teachers’ ability to be better teachers of reading and writing which in turn has a profound impact on children’s learning across all subject areas; viewing temporary setbacks as great opportunities for learning.

Integrity and trust.  Carrie follows moral and ethical beliefs, demonstrates wholeness of character, and reliably fulfills her commitments to her clients.  She collaborates with honesty, kindness, consistency, openness, and generosity of spirit.

Providing authentic reading and writing experiences for school administrators, teachers, students, and parents.


About Carrie

Carrie gives feedback in a way that is positive, yet still allows you to grow as an educator. She listens to your concerns and values your opinions, but still wants to continue to push you out of your comfort zone in order to be the best educator for your students.
Sarah N.
First Grade Teacher
I have been teaching for many years (25 to be exact). I have taught K3, K4, K5, and 2nd grade. I am currently teaching second grade. I have always had a passion to instill a love of learning in my students. I have taught writing but never like this year. Carrie inspired me to have a passion and a love for teaching writing!
Anita B.
Second Grade Teacher
Carrie is a joy to work with and has a wealth of knowledge and experience! Every time she comes into my classroom, there is something new I learn or an idea she suggests, which improves my teaching and helps me better reach my students.
Sara C.
Second Grade Teacher

There's no such thing as a kid who hates reading. There are kids who love reading, and kids who are reading the wrong books.

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